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Forty Acre Club

America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club

For Women

Think you might like to try social nudism, but aren’t real confident about what the experience might hold? It’s sometimes difficult to have a positive relationship with your body if we’ve been programmed to think bodies should remain clothed.  Maybe you hesitate… thinking you still need to lose some weight. As women we tend to be our own worst critics.  Among nudists, scars are looked upon as badges of courage. 

Nudists usually tend to be a friendly group. You would be surprised how easy it becomes to start or join in a conversation, after all… the first thing you would have in common is that you’re all nude. 
There’s nothing as exhilarating as hiking through the woods, swimming in the pool or taking an outdoor shower, naked in the sunshine. 
Don’t put it off any longer. You have new friends waiting to meet you, and they all felt the same feelings you might be experiencing now. Here, friends give you the freedom to be yourself.
Come join us at Forty Acres.  Grab your towel and sit a spell. It’s a new year, make it a nude one.

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