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Forty Acre Club

America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club

Opportunities for contributing to Work Weekend…

Deep clean snack bar.

Need a small crew to paint the Hog Pit.

Picnic tables need painting and or repairing.

Power wash lounge chairs, pool deck, pavilion, snack bar and more.

There is always raking leaves and burning leaves and we have plenty of logs that need to be split, stacked and cut.

A new member couple has volunteered to replace rotten landscaping timbers around the tent sites. They going to need quite a few volunteers.

Limited Opportunities to deep clean Club House Kitchen.  Empty cabinets and wipe down, windows, ceiling fans etc. (See Theresa to find out if she still needs helpers)

Deep clean small kitchen. (same as above)

If you see something that needs to be done please don’t hesitate to do it.

There is a sign-up sheet for other stuff…

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