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Forty Acre Club

America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club

For Men...

Men are more generally more comfortable with the idea of social nudity than women, although there are many exceptions.  When you plan your first visit be sure to include your wife (or significant other).  It can be a hard sell, but well worth it.  It is much easier to convince your partner than it is to change the seventy-year-old customs of 200+ people. 
A frequent concern the club often hears from men who are contemplating visiting is what to do if they become physically aroused? If it last more than four hours, please seek medical help. It could be a sign of a serious medical condition. Seriously, it is not a big deal and it rarely actually happens.  If it becomes an issue, simply withdraw yourself from the group  and return when it’s no longer an issue.
Another concern is size.  People come in all different sizes and shapes and everyone has imperfections.  Social nudism is about not hiding behind our clothes but enjoying the freedom that everyone knows at the Forty Acre Club.

Forty Acres is not the place to meet new people to hook up with for the night.  If you try and do this, it will make everyone feel uncomfortable and you may be ask to leave. It is best to bring your partner or friends with you.
Come out, get an all over tan, exercise, socialize and enjoy the freedom of social nudism.

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