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Forty Acre Club

America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club

For Parents

Have you experienced turning your back for a moment and realized your little one had slipped out the door, into the yard, in the buff?¬† That’s sort of what kids do. They’re born nudists…we all are. They just haven’t been programmed yet to think their bodies need to be covered.¬†

No need to worry, at Forty Acres a kid running around in clothes would seem out of place.  And how convenient it is, after getting out of the pool, skinny dipping, to just towel the Kids off and not have to worry with that soggy wet suit. 
There are other things for Kiddos to do at the Club besides swimming. We have a putt putt golf course, hiking trails and games in our Club House,…all under your¬† supervision, of course.¬† In the Club House they might even discover the small freezer where ice cream is available for $1. Did I mention smores at the fire-pit?¬† F.A.C. sounds like a childhood (and grown-up) dream come true, wouldn’t you say?
We welcome families at F.A.C.¬†and be assured we have strict policies¬†¬†against¬†photography. Our members¬†created our¬†rules to¬†assure the safety and comfort of everyone¬†and they are¬†pretty good ‘watch dogs’ in that regard.¬†
No matter where you go there are always rules. Children not potty trained are required to wear a special swim diaper in the pool, not a regular diaper. And as you would expect at any public place, always keep an eye on them.  Children under 18 years old are welcomed at the dances only until 9 p.m..  After 9 p.m. its 18 and over.
So go ahead and bring the Kiddos along. Make it a family thing!  

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