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Forty Acre Club

America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club

Community Standards

Be Naked – this applies to everyone, you, your significant other and any children you have in tow.

Always and Everywhere, sit on a towel.

Shower with soap and water prior to entering the pool or hot tub. Before entering the hot tub from the pool, please shower the salt from the pool off your body prior to entering the hot tub. The salt will contaminate the chemicals in the hot tub.

Don’t say anything mean or threatening to anyone else and certainly do not ask for sexual favors.

Be Discreet – we only use first names and couples by name (of name) i.e., Bonnie (of Clyde) and leave your camera  (and that includes cell phones and/or tablets) in the car.

Enjoy the beverage of your choice.  Don’t allow yourself to become obnoxious from it.  Throw your trash away and don’t bring glass on the pool deck.

Smoke outside.

Drugs – don’t possess or consume anything that’s illegal in Missouri

Throw your trash away.  Clean up behind yourself, including when you use the Community Kitchen.

Drive and Walk Slow – 5 mph is the speed limit and it is radar patrolled (ok, not really radar patrolled).  One nudist’s life is worth a little of your time.

Park where cars are supposed to park.

Guns – don’t let anyone see yours.  You’ll be naked so there is no where to conceal it.  Leave it locked in your car.  Of course, if you can’t carry a gun, you can’t hunt.

Fireworks – No where, no how (a big no-no)

Don’t swim in the pond.  We have an awesome salt water pool for swimming.

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