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Forty Acre Club

America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club

Get to Know Us...

Back in the early 1950’s a small group of St. Louis couples were looking for an out-of-the-way place to get together and enjoy the feel of the warm sun and fresh air on their skin. They found a 40 acre piece of land for sale in Franklin County and on weekends proceeded to carve out campsites and a common area on the flat hill top.

72 Years later the club has over 200 members and we welcome 100’s of visitors every year.


Come Play with Us...

December 3  – Trim-a-tree

Soup will be served in the Club House at noon, FAC time. Additional appetizer or holiday munchies would be welcome. 
Decking the Halls will start at noon as well.  
Our Christmas craft / bake goods donation bazaar will begin in the morning.
There will  be a $10 gift exchange in the afternoon. 
The potluck turkey dinner will be at 6:PM FAC time. Please bring a side to share.
New members are asked to bring an ornament with their name(s) on it and the date they joined.

Members Only

Come See Us...

Club is Closed to visitors starting November 1


For Quick Visitor Information — click here

Each year, on November 1st, the Forty Acre Club goes into “winter mode”.  The fun continues during winter mode. Our events move indoors but, are limited to members only.

We are all looking forward to the warm weather returning and welcoming visitors back on March 1st 2023 for our 73rd season.

If you think you might like to join our club, check “visit a nudist club” off your bucket list, curious or just being supportive of your partner please plan on seeing us when we go back to “summer mode” next spring.

Life Undressed ...

At Forty Acres, there are many activities, or sometimes we just lounge by the swimming pool.  We might play a round of miniature golf, pool, horse shoes, or darts.  Or maybe walk the secluded walking trails.

Typical weekend evenings start with a happy hour around the pool and might include a bonfire in our fire pit.  

Unlike your community pool, you will find people who are welcoming   Nudists tend to be a bit more extroverted than most.

Find out what we’ve  been up to for the last 70 years…

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